Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wake me up...

Hi guys and gals..m back to blogging after a long gap..dunno why, but i really feel like writing something now. Its not that i have loads or free time or anything..class-tests seem to be knocking on the doors perpetually these days and d termite ridden door will break down in 1 months time to usher in the two projects m least interested to bust my bums dis stupid design assignments where u have got to make gears move round n short, m under hell load of pressure...but gotta write something, can't ignore the urge..or after Wake Up Sid experience, i shouldn't ignore the urge to test drive my Writing skills again..

1.Wake Up Sid:

Facebook walls are covered with graphiti blaring that "Wake UP Sid"is too bollywoodish..ya. i agree completely with that..
Its the same bollywood that gave us Dil Chahta Hain..the same bollywood that gave us Swades..the same bollywood that gave us Tare Zameen Par..the same bollywood that gave us Lage Raho Munnabhai..
The best thing about the movie is that it is minty fresh and it makes us look into ourselves..and discover our passions..and i liked the story very much..simple, uncomplicated (man..while watching Kaminey i got frustrated with my IQ levels) and yet it hooks up your attention to the end..its not the story, but the style of telling the story that enchanted me..
It certainly isn't a Lakshya remake..may be they are based on the same plot but they are out and out Lakshya the Kargil wars overshadows the main the time the movie draws to towards climax we are too busy worrying on how Hritick would win his mission..we forget about his boy-turns-man act..but that's where Wake up Sid is different..It focuses on Sid's trip to learn the meaning of responsibility..the wonderful chemistry between Ranbeer and Konkona, that reaches its climax in the beautiful (the term is relative) Mumbai rains..and shows how your passion is your greatest strength..
And so i think...Every one of us has passions..may be writing, singing,gaming even..but how much time do we devote to our passions? As for me, i am into writing stuff..and some people like what I write, but how much time do i spare to this hobby of mine? m too lethargic to be a writer..many people are there who doesn't even know their passions..or spare them a single thought.
They haven't woken up yet..
You see that's what waking up is all look inside you(something tells me that the word introspection should work here) your passions, your abilities..and devote a small amount of time to is lot more enjoyable when you turn your passion into i rely on the audacity to advice you..rather request your passion,everyone..and let them flourish..they won't let you down..Our emotions, our passions, our ambitions..that's what makes us different from robots, ain't it? So instead of programming your your instincts sometimes...
OK..enough 'gyan', i know u guys cant suppress a yawn any more, so i better end it here..n yeah,watch the movie, everyone..its great.

I saw the movie hand in hand with the lady i love..her head resting on my shoulders..and the ending sequence filled us with a kind of warmth, that only lovers can was a great movie experience for me..and hence, this post.or may be m just taking some time out of my schedule..n devoting it to my passion..u can do the same, m feeling a great boost of satisfaction at the moment..i don't want any of u to miss the feeling..

P.S: this was written in October, when the movie i saw the movie again, and suddenly felt like posting this. Guess m till sleeping,whatever happened to d alarm clock.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I just watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine, having downloaded it from the net. It was a working incomplete one, but i couldn't resist viewing it. I am Wolverine freak since i was 14 perhaps, and i love Hugh Jackman(no, i am not a gay.)The movie releases on 1st May, And my sems start the next had i not got hold of this leaked copy i would have to wait until 19th May. The movie was OK, but The Dark Knight has raised the standard of superhero movies to such a level that i personally feel the director Gavin Hood should have worked a bit harder on the script...but that's not the point of writing this blog. I am no film critic. I even liked Om Shanti Om...but the thing is
i broke several laws while watching this unregistered copy of wolverine...which was a stolen copy most likely. I violated the section 14(d) of the Copyright Act (1994). I am a criminal now, am i not??
I became a criminal years ago, when dad brought me the CD player...a music CD
costed 150 bucks those days, and i could get 40 such albums for 10% of that money. You can do the math now...
Did i realise that i was i was contributing in crippling the
entertainment industry. Nope, i was busy basking in the glory of my profit. Every movie that released i could see it on the pirated CDs. People went on campaigning about Piracy...most enjoyable anti piracy campaigns surfaced in the FM channels. But with the advent of Internet the quality of the pirated products increased manifold...we could get DVD Quality picture straight from the net...we could see the offstream holly movies which did'nt ever got released in India. and we could get the uncut versions. Piracy seemed to be a gift. We turned a deaf ear to the campaigns and went continuing our attacks on the foundations of the industry that survives on our leisurely activities.
By this time, you must be wondering why am I writing all this shit. People know all these, and they don't give a damn...i know i won't b able to stop people from committing this crime just by writing a blog. i know this...because i myself haven't stopped.My
utorrent software is currently downloading a movie. I have an unlimited Internet connection and i will go on downloading movies , games,songs and want to know the reason??? I am just a student...i earn Rs. 500 monthly and that too after shouting myself hoarse twice a week. Its Hard to Earn money...and i can't buy a Blu-Ray disc of "The Dark Knight" with the money i earn... but i can download it almost free of cost. I can't watch "The Reader" in a movie hall. The censor board would have all the fun and deprive the entire country...(after all it's Kate Winselet, man.) I don't support piracy, in fact i hate piracy. But i can't stop indulging in it..
Its like smoking, you know that its harmful...but you can't give up the habit.
How to stop Piracy then?? it's wrecking
havoc. It should be stopped. I think the Entertainment industry should take some actions,they should protect the working halls should ban the cameras...they should stop us from committing the crime in any damn way possible. Don't count on our conscience...stop us guys. Its your industry that's at stake.
A decent pirated copy of "The Dark Knight" wasn't available in India... and that's why the movie was a bumper hit. I myself saw it 4 times. Had i got a decent DVD, i won't have bothered. "
Slumdog Millionaire" failed in India despite hitting it large in the Oscars, because of the leaked DVD.
we, the common people we won't stop downloading movies...we will go on supporting Piracy consciously or's ur duty to stop us, media guys. If u can''s not long before ur industry would collapse.
Piracy...may be its a gift for us, but what if the entertainment industry shuts down after incurring heavy losses...Aren't we cutting the branch on which we are sitting??

Friday, March 27, 2009

About me

1.16th Jan,1989..the coldest day of the season..d day wen another ball started rolling on d track called life..
2.16th Jan, this tym i had learnt to crawl, say 'ma', suck my own thumb..n had applied for the phd in throwing tantrums..
3. 16th Jan 1991..the gulf war about to start..but heck!! i was too young to understand wars..i was busy reciting "twinkle twinkle" n driving my sweet darling mom nuts.
4.16th Jan 1992..only two months remained before i set out on a quest..armed with a heavy school bag..d journey began at 16 Mandevilla garden, and ended at 82/7A Ballygunge place..d journey for which i devoted my entire childhood n teenage..d journey to become a complete man(nuthin to do with Raymond's)..d journey where i found some treasures that enriched me beyond imagination..
p.s i had submitted my thesis on throwing tantrums on the very 1st day of my school life..born genius,ain't i?
5.16th Jan 1993..i had proved to everyone that i wasn't yet ready to go to school..i was way too dat tym i had befriended Arka widout knowing that we had secured for us a bond of friendship that would remain unscathed for ages..a dostana which will last for a lyftym..n was also d tym i got addicted to had to read dem for me neway..
6.16th Jan 1994..our group was becuming infamous day by,arka,tirthankar, viswapratim, ayan..our class teacher complained to our moms..n on the way back home..i found my mom was dat worst birthday ever..when i gave up my pursuing my phd in "bawalbaji"
7.16th Jan 1995..i started taking drawing classes..i was getting more introvert day by day..n i was gettng gud in studies..
8.16th jan academic records were shining..i was gettng fatter day by day..n dere was a xamintn where we were supposed to write an essay on "your best friend." obvsly i was writing abt arka..n i actually turned my head n asked arka to write abt me..oderwise the teacher wud thinkthat i was lying...
i shudn't hav worried..arka wrote abt me
9.16th Jan 1997 I was developing a sense of passion for comics had already taken birth( thanks to pikluda)..i was confused a taboo thing that happened between men and women..called 'love'..i started to know what money meant..and exactly why you should possess large amounts off it..
money makes you independent
10.16th Jan 1998 My dad barred me from watching hindi movie songs..and a few months down the line i acted on stage for a school function...thanks to my height( and its utter reluctance to grow) i was caste as a was great fun donning a mickey mouse costume as the audience clapped..
it was back there at the audience seat where i realised that people had clapped for all the mice on stage..not for me alone..
and i started dreaming about the day..
when people will clap only for me..
it was that day i got bitten by a snake called ambition.
11.16th Jan 1999 i was getting bad at studies..i liked swimming but hated all other outdoors games..still i went out to play every physical education teacher pointed out that i was damn clumsy..our class teacher was so strict that i hated going to school...
n i saw a chicken getting butchered..
i cudn't bear to hav chicken for the years to come.. i still don't got to the bazaar for the same reason..
12.16th Jan 2000 i was excited about the concept of a new millennium..i had started taking tuitions..and i hated it as much as i hated studying..i failed to keep up my all section ranks..but i discovered three things..
1.i had knack of writing, be it in english or bengali..i was a tad bit better in bengali..thanks to my reading habits..
2.despite being a pointer, i fumbled to speak in english..
3.girls around us seemed to be different..and if u were too close to a girl..u got labeled as her boyfriend..
in may i bid adios to the junior school and got ushered in the high school..the place where i became the man i am today..
and it was almost 6 months after my birthday i first used the word 'boka****a' without knowing what it meant..
13.16th Jan 2001..i had gotten comfortable to the high school..the freedom..the aroma of friendship..meaningless groupbaji(we used imagine ourselves as WWE wrestlers)..and the canteen..i luvd it.. was getting good at maths..but careless mistakes haunted me me nightmares..(they still do).i found two great friend in the form of Arka Sen and Sourja Sarkar..but still i missed Viswapratim who never accompanied us to high school..i was desperately trying to improve my ranks..but still..i cudnt..
14.16th Jan was on this day i got two harry potter books..and my world chnged..i was lost in that realm of fantasy..i don't what was so magnetic in harry potter..but i cudn't resist his spell..i beacme a die hard fan..i still am..
on the other hand i was growing up..i came to know the ultimate u can get babies..and that was the day i think my childhood ended..i could imagine how one could..mmm..lets not go into the details..i started learning 'khisti' and my face and body started sprouting hairs..i couldnt be free before mom anymore..i couldn't share with her what we discussed in school..
teenage..the worst part of it is that you are distanced from your parents..and u are confused all the tym..
i had finally improved my ranks..i had started making my way to the top three...
15.16th Jan 2003..i was becoming a bad boy..i always thought about girls and sex..all the taboo things..smoking,drinking,porn attracted me..but i didn't indulge in them..i credit goes completely to Arka..wen u hav a best friend like that..u cant get rotten..and i had my first crush then..a crush on a senior girl..girls of my batch started boasting about the number of bfs they had...a few boys even started shaving..
and my best years in school was cumin to an end..i had discovered a passion for physics and had decided upon taking up physics as additional subject..while arka wud take up biology..i cudnt bear the fact that after so many years of studying together we wud get separated..
16.16th Jan 2004..i ultimately had taken mechanics as additional..coz i had done a wonderful result in class 8 99 in maths and in physics additional people usually got vey low marks..
arka had taken up biology..and the sweetest girl in the world..Ms. Ananya Ganguly was his classmate..i had seen her in school..given i spent most of my free time in arka's section..she appeared to be a serious girl who knew nothing except studies..little did i know that day..that after a few years..she wud become the centre of my existence..
in class 9 i got separated from arka, but i got many new friends...Suvajit,Anish,Shyamayatri,Neelakshi..and
17.16th jan was after two months i sat for the secondary exams..i had stood third in my section in the selection was unbeatable in mechanics..and i got 726 in the secondary exams..and i iwas on cloud lyf just rocked in the two months after the exmas..and for class 11 i got admitted to a lot of coachings..and i lyked dem for a change..several tuitions had hot girls..
but deep down i knew..dey wont even throw a single glance on a small,fat bookworm like me...
it was from that time ..i wanted a girlfriend for myself..
and it was in class 10 we went out for a movie for the first time.."harry potter and the prisoner azkaban" in INOX forum..
18.16th Jan 2006..i was almost an adult...and in the class 11 annualies i suffered one cud believe that someone who had performed so well in the half yearly exams would do such a miserable reults in a boards paper..i guess i shouldnot have wasted my time for was a dream..and it remained one..
Tanmoy was becoming unbearable with every passing second..i cudnot tolerate his attitude, his ego..and the way everyone went gaga on him..i hated him..
and it was in the same year..i met jinia roy..and befriended her..
and on 24th classes ended...i cried my heart out at arka (equally tearsome) consoled me..
a part of me died that day..the Courage to Know on my chest was fading..the journey of 15 years had reached its conclusion..
19.16th Jan 2007..finally i became an adult..wowwwwwwwwwwww..and to think that i was doing a parabola sum wen the clock ticked 12..such a nerd i was..
may be 2007 is the most important and eventful year of my life..because in was in 2007..i became a was in 2007 my school life came to an was in 2007 i stood 523 in the WBJEE..and got admitted to Mechanical Engineering Department of Jadavpur University..(and to think i considered leaving JU for IEM..duh!!!!) was in 2007 i got friends like Sayantan,Kaustav, Debolina, was in 2007 i had lost a lot of a weight..i wasn't fat anymore..and i had become loads smarter..i didn't fumble while speaking in english..i looked people directly in their eyes..
it was n 2007 Arka lef tme..left Kolkata togo to pune and study MBBS..that day 13th july 2007..wen we saw the movie "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." was our last meeting before he went away..
my pillow covers were soaked that night..drenched in tears..
and it was in 2007..i had fallen in love..with jinia..
20.16th january 2008.. i proposed to jinia a few days after my birthday..and this resulted in a lot of drama..that haunted me for the entire year..i discovered how selfish the girl actually narrowminded was the girl i loved..and to my horror..i still truly loved her..
there was a positive side of my fiasco with jinia though..
Tanmoy and i ceased to be friends..and i was relived..beacause it was he who severed the ties..and i was getting mentally strong..
JU wasnot what i expected it to was much more different..the best thing abou JU is that for the first few days..u will hate it..but after that u can't help falling in luv..jheelpar, mechanical's roof,workshop, our place at the staff canteen..the small tiffs between friends..pangs of lost love..lyad khawa..minmum stdying..JU is a intoxicates u..and u love that feeling..
it was by the end of this year..i befriended ananya ganguly..and on 24th dec.. i first officialy met her..
everything changed that day..
21.16th January..6 days prior to this day i proposed to the girl who completes me..and who is the best part of me..and she accepted..and for the next two months..she showered me with unimaginable love and splashed my life with a rainbow of colours..right now she is my life, my love, my centre of elixir of is she who makes this grueling 4th semester endurable..
and in poetry got published in the magazine ichhedana u can check that out at

i have to stop here i back's aching, my eyes are watering and my stomach is killing me..and most importantly..i am only 20 years old..i cant go any further..
this is my life..i don't want to judge wether it has been good or bad for me..becuase each and every moment of life is a gift for me..i luv my life.

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