Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wake me up...

Hi guys and gals..m back to blogging after a long gap..dunno why, but i really feel like writing something now. Its not that i have loads or free time or anything..class-tests seem to be knocking on the doors perpetually these days and d termite ridden door will break down in 1 months time to usher in the two projects m least interested to bust my bums dis stupid design assignments where u have got to make gears move round n short, m under hell load of pressure...but gotta write something, can't ignore the urge..or after Wake Up Sid experience, i shouldn't ignore the urge to test drive my Writing skills again..

1.Wake Up Sid:

Facebook walls are covered with graphiti blaring that "Wake UP Sid"is too bollywoodish..ya. i agree completely with that..
Its the same bollywood that gave us Dil Chahta Hain..the same bollywood that gave us Swades..the same bollywood that gave us Tare Zameen Par..the same bollywood that gave us Lage Raho Munnabhai..
The best thing about the movie is that it is minty fresh and it makes us look into ourselves..and discover our passions..and i liked the story very much..simple, uncomplicated (man..while watching Kaminey i got frustrated with my IQ levels) and yet it hooks up your attention to the end..its not the story, but the style of telling the story that enchanted me..
It certainly isn't a Lakshya remake..may be they are based on the same plot but they are out and out Lakshya the Kargil wars overshadows the main the time the movie draws to towards climax we are too busy worrying on how Hritick would win his mission..we forget about his boy-turns-man act..but that's where Wake up Sid is different..It focuses on Sid's trip to learn the meaning of responsibility..the wonderful chemistry between Ranbeer and Konkona, that reaches its climax in the beautiful (the term is relative) Mumbai rains..and shows how your passion is your greatest strength..
And so i think...Every one of us has passions..may be writing, singing,gaming even..but how much time do we devote to our passions? As for me, i am into writing stuff..and some people like what I write, but how much time do i spare to this hobby of mine? m too lethargic to be a writer..many people are there who doesn't even know their passions..or spare them a single thought.
They haven't woken up yet..
You see that's what waking up is all look inside you(something tells me that the word introspection should work here) your passions, your abilities..and devote a small amount of time to is lot more enjoyable when you turn your passion into i rely on the audacity to advice you..rather request your passion,everyone..and let them flourish..they won't let you down..Our emotions, our passions, our ambitions..that's what makes us different from robots, ain't it? So instead of programming your your instincts sometimes...
OK..enough 'gyan', i know u guys cant suppress a yawn any more, so i better end it here..n yeah,watch the movie, everyone..its great.

I saw the movie hand in hand with the lady i love..her head resting on my shoulders..and the ending sequence filled us with a kind of warmth, that only lovers can was a great movie experience for me..and hence, this post.or may be m just taking some time out of my schedule..n devoting it to my passion..u can do the same, m feeling a great boost of satisfaction at the moment..i don't want any of u to miss the feeling..

P.S: this was written in October, when the movie i saw the movie again, and suddenly felt like posting this. Guess m till sleeping,whatever happened to d alarm clock.


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