Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I just watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine, having downloaded it from the net. It was a working copy...an incomplete one, but i couldn't resist viewing it. I am Wolverine freak since i was 14 perhaps, and i love Hugh Jackman(no, i am not a gay.)The movie releases on 1st May, And my sems start the next day...so had i not got hold of this leaked copy i would have to wait until 19th May. The movie was OK, but The Dark Knight has raised the standard of superhero movies to such a level that i personally feel the director Gavin Hood should have worked a bit harder on the script...but that's not the point of writing this blog. I am no film critic. I even liked Om Shanti Om...but the thing is
i broke several laws while watching this unregistered copy of wolverine...which was a stolen copy most likely. I violated the section 14(d) of the Copyright Act (1994). I am a criminal now, am i not??
I became a criminal years ago, when dad brought me the CD player...a music CD
costed 150 bucks those days, and i could get 40 such albums for 10% of that money. You can do the math now...
Did i realise that i was i was contributing in crippling the
entertainment industry. Nope, i was busy basking in the glory of my profit. Every movie that released i could see it on the pirated CDs. People went on campaigning about Piracy...most enjoyable anti piracy campaigns surfaced in the FM channels. But with the advent of Internet the quality of the pirated products increased manifold...we could get DVD Quality picture straight from the net...we could see the offstream holly movies which did'nt ever got released in India. and we could get the uncut versions. Piracy seemed to be a gift. We turned a deaf ear to the campaigns and went continuing our attacks on the foundations of the industry that survives on our leisurely activities.
By this time, you must be wondering why am I writing all this shit. People know all these, and they don't give a damn...i know i won't b able to stop people from committing this crime just by writing a blog. i know this...because i myself haven't stopped.My
utorrent software is currently downloading a movie. I have an unlimited Internet connection and i will go on downloading movies , games,songs and software...you want to know the reason??? I am just a student...i earn Rs. 500 monthly and that too after shouting myself hoarse twice a week. Its Hard to Earn money...and i can't buy a Blu-Ray disc of "The Dark Knight" with the money i earn... but i can download it almost free of cost. I can't watch "The Reader" in a movie hall. The censor board would have all the fun and deprive the entire country...(after all it's Kate Winselet, man.) I don't support piracy, in fact i hate piracy. But i can't stop indulging in it..
Its like smoking, you know that its harmful...but you can't give up the habit.
How to stop Piracy then?? it's wrecking
havoc. It should be stopped. I think the Entertainment industry should take some actions,they should protect the working copies...movie halls should ban the cameras...they should stop us from committing the crime in any damn way possible. Don't count on our conscience...stop us guys. Its your industry that's at stake.
A decent pirated copy of "The Dark Knight" wasn't available in India... and that's why the movie was a bumper hit. I myself saw it 4 times. Had i got a decent DVD, i won't have bothered. "
Slumdog Millionaire" failed in India despite hitting it large in the Oscars, because of the leaked DVD.
we, the common people we won't stop downloading movies...we will go on supporting Piracy consciously or
unconsciously...it's ur duty to stop us, media guys. If u can't...it's not long before ur industry would collapse.
Piracy...may be its a gift for us, but what if the entertainment industry shuts down after incurring heavy losses...Aren't we cutting the branch on which we are sitting??

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